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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I look after my new silk chiffon infinity scarf and earrings? Our scarves and earrings are designed to be worn and enjoyed every day, but there are a few simple steps we advise that you follow to keep them looking their best. Both items should be the last things you put on and the first that you take off.  We suggest that you put the scarf on first followed by the earrings and take the earrings off first before the scarf. Chiffon can snag easily, so handle it with care. Treat it carefully to preserve and prolong it’s beauty. 

Avoid wearing when spraying hairspray or perfume as silk chiffon can be susceptible to damage by chemicals found in make-up, perfume, hair & body care products, water and even sunlight.  When not being worn gently roll your scarf and place it in it's accompanying protective bag or let it drape somewhere safe. Both these methods will help minimise creases and the need to re-iron.  We also recommend that you store your earrings inside their box.  

What are the washing guidelines? Silk chiffon is the most delicate type of chiffon & it should never be put into the washing machine because the water/heat will make it shrink. Whilst some advice is to take any silk chiffon item to the Dry Cleaners, sometimes the chemicals used are too harsh & will spoil the delicate fibres.

In the event that you do mark your scarf, we suggest, half filling a kitchen sink bowl with very luke warm water & gently ‘swilling’ around. Under no circumstances ‘wring’ or ‘twist’ the chiffon as this will damage it and cause it to lose it’s shape. Having gently ‘swilled’, lay the garment flat onto a towel and then roll the towel into a sausage enabling the towel to absorb much of the water. Open up the towel, and lay the garment flat onto another dry towel and leave it to dry. Do not hang while wet as it will stretch. The scarf will dry 'crepey' and will require a gentle, protected, iron to restore it's shape as best as is possible. It won't look quite the same, but it will have hopefully extended it's life with you.

Please note that these washing guidelines are to be used as a 'last resort' and we cannot take any responsibility for the outcome.

What are the ironing guidelines? When your scarves arrive, please give them a gentle iron, (protected by a clean, cotton cloth) to remove all creases as this will ensure that they drape softly.

Step 1 Start with a clean cotton tea towel

Step 2 Set the iron to a low or cool setting

Step 3 Lay the clean cotton cloth over the scarf

Step 4 Gently press down onto the cloth and continuously move the iron over until the wrinkles have disappeared

Step 5 Repeat, using the same method, on the other side if necessary


Why do some colours appear in a different 'Season' to mine when they are in my wallet? The scarves have been categorised according to the colour and tone of the silk chiffon from which they are made. There are a few colours, for example Lime and Periwinkle, that 'sit' more comfortably, due to their brightness, in 'Spring' even though they blend beautifully with many of the more rich and earthy colours of their warm counterparts in 'Autumn'. The same can be found with Raspberry - often in 'Winter', yet because of it's tone, has been classified for our scarves in the corresponding cool season of 'Summer'.

What do the following abbreviations mean? Su (Summer), Au (Autumn), Wi (Winter), Sp (Spring), BT (Bright), C (Cool) DK (Dark), HoC (House of Colour), L (Light), MT (Muted).  

What materials are used to make the Earrings?  All our earrings are stud earrings made using 5mm or 7mm sterling silver or gold plated flat disc findings depending on the size of the glass tile or glass dot to which they are applied. The sterling silver scrolls are stamped 925. The design of the sterling silver and gold plated backings feature a rounded shape with a rectangular face and two scrolled sections, commonly known as a butterfly back. The friction back mechanism ensures a secure, sturdy fit for smooth and comfortable adjustment. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. Our plated items comply with EU nickel directives.

The decorative tiles are made from recycled glass (mostly windowpane glass that is powdered, filtered and then melted) and coloured with natural minerals and colour oxides. Each tile is annealed through a linear kiln to become the strongest and most durable mini glass tile available with excellent colour fastness. The smooth, even surface reflects and refracts light evenly to produce vivid colour and life with the pearlised options  featuring a sparkling, translucent layer of iridescence.

The decorative dots are made of 100% recycled glass by the sintering process.  These tiny opaque discs of glass have a gloss finish and the pearlised option have been iridised. 

Pieces may appear slightly irregular in shape, but this only adds to their unique look and charm.  Please be assured that every effort is made to match the size, shape and colour of each pair as far as is practically and reasonably possible. 

What is the size of the Earrings?  Each tile size is approx 8mm x 8mm and approx 4mm thick. Each dot is approx 7mm-8mm in diameter and approx 4mm thick.

Will the Earrings come in any more colours? Definitely! We have more colours to add to our collection so keep visiting.  Better still, follow us on Instagram to hear our latest news, find out about our latest arrivals and to get our exclusive discount codes.

Will your Earrings come in any other shape? We have recently introduced ‘dots’ to the range and are always on the look out for more shapes.

Do you have any retail outlets? No, our items are available to purchase online only.

Do you offer personal colour and style analysis?  We do not offer these services, but we do work closely with colour experts and consultants. Just drop us an email including your address and we will happily pass the details on of colour consultants who are local to you.

Do you offer a gift wrap service?
This is something that we will be offering in the very near future.