Wearing colour in your cameo area has been the style & fashion industry secret for years


The idea behind Cameo Colour

In early 2017 I had my colours and clothing style analysed.  During the session my consultant removed her earrings, lipstick and beads. The transformation was amazing.  She still looked lovely but not as interesting, not as polished, not as complete and for someone who had reached 55, wore very little make-up, even less accessories and mainly wore neutrals, this simple act was overwhelmingly powerful (I can remember commenting that it was like watching a cherry tree shed it's blossom).  It demonstrated instantly just what an impact, and statement, wearing the best colours for you, close to your face, can make.  

I left feeling energised and couldn't wait to get working on the new 'me'.  I searched the high street and trawled the net for accessories, in my colours and in a style that suited me, and I really struggled.  I wanted scarves and earrings in my ‘best’ colours to complement my mood; to have fun with; mix 'n' match; wear with T shirts and jeans, going to work or going out in. 

After almost a year, I discovered a wonderful, 'light as a feather' scarf being handmade only a few miles away. Shortly after, I was a guest at a wedding.  The sun beamed in through the wonderful stained glass windows and I had 'one of those moments' - to make earrings using colourful, recycled glass.

And that is where the idea for Cameo Colour came from. I wanted to offer women, like me, an instant, easy, affordable way of accessorising with colour without compromising on style and quality.

My adventure with our colourful scarves and earrings had begun...

Sharron x