Wearing colour in your cameo area has been the style & fashion industry secret for years

Colour is ‘Magic’ - it draws the eye to areas we like, while diverting attention from those we’re not quite as comfortable with. Wearing scarves and earrings, in colours that flatter, is the quickest, simplest, safest way to add instant sparkle to your eyes, a healthy glow to your skin, a smile to your face and life back into your wardrobe.


Wear colours that make you smile & every day feels like a holiday


Create an accessory collection that works for you & your wardrobe


Pretty Scarf & Earring Combinations to Inspire

Accessorising made easy - no more hours spent searching for the right colours

Brighten every outfit - whatever you choose to wear and whatever the occasion

Create your own look by exploring endless ways to style - as a bow, choker, around your wrist or ankle, as a hairband or draped under a jacket to give a coloured blouse effect

Mix with other accessories by attaching to the strap of a bag or wearing with a scarf ring

Bright, colourful scarves can do miracles. They are a woman’s best friend!
— Anne Touraine, "The Scarf Lady"